Farmer’s Dynasty Update 0.998k: New Bug Fixes, Gameplay Improvements, And More.

Get ready for a Farmer’s Dynasty update centering on new tech fixes and some optimizations. Players may have been experiencing many issues when playing the game, but now, they will not anymore because this update aims to fix a lot of bugs to better the Farmer’s Dynasty gameplay.

Farmer’s Dynasty Update 0.998k

  • Made a brand new version to the building manager. The multithreaded mechanism managing far building parts into instanced render data is now used as an alternative to the old multithreaded mechanism packing buildings into meshes for display.
  • There was a reduction in memory consumption, dynamic allocations/deallocations, RAM-VRAM dynamic traffic and memory fragmentation that could make crashes happen on several computers.
  • Made some optimizations to data compression and memory pipeline.
  • Made an improvement to the decrease of memory consumption.
  • Made a lot of different internal optimizations and strongly cleaned memory.
  • There was an increase in the number of object shot angles for the billboard representation for mixing objects more detailed.
  • Made an improvement to dithering for object and LOD transition.
  • Made some improvements to terrain render.
  • Made some improvements to controller detection routines.
  • Made some improvements to internal string caching and search routines.
  • Made some improvements to socket caching and socket search per frame.
  • Carried some optimization fixes to NPC animation parameters.
  • Made an optimization to calculations for character nodes and node matrix buffers throughout animations.
  • Made some optimizations for NPC tools and working FX
  • Made some fixes to sowing hand animation.
  • Already recovered working seedling menus one of the bought greenhouse cabinets.
  • Made appropriate conveyance cables between a vehicle crane and green shingle container (if appropriate)
  • The level of detail for brand new vehicles is now appropriate.
  • Made a fix to gardening warnings when players hold non-gardening tools like a fishing rod.
  • Made a fix to false-positive blockade of the bus stop (a rare circumstance)
  • There are many alterations to the main render pipeline relating to texture and mesh render optimizations, buffer operations, and texture swaps.
  • There is a big reduction of small dynamic allocations for creating or deleting each object, texture associations, and visibility selection.
  • Merged some shader families in skinmesh renderer leading to fewer skinmesh draw calls.
  • Made a fix to some smaller bugs in skinmesh renderer.
  • Made a fix to some bugs in NPC animation wait states and refresh routines.
  • There are no longer overhead search calls in idle animation settings for unseen NPCs.
  • The planting vegetables in the center of the farm greenhouse have been fixed.
  • Already repaired the blinking of greenhouse vegetables. There are not D&D spells for them anymore.
  • Cat is now doing his job more appropriately (he could have allowed some mice to come in before)
  • Already repaired the upper lights for CA type tractor.
  • The capacity for RAUCH TWS 7000 (8560l) now becomes more appropriate.
  • The exhaust smoke from the old pickup is now eliminated. The instant green tech for the victory!
  • The player is not able to jump when there are impediments above their head anymore. (to dodge possible clipping)
  • The farm stats window has been reshaped to adapt to new vegetables etc.
  • Cat and dog ownership is now displayed appropriately in farm statistics.
  • There was an increase in vertex-cache hits.
  • There was a reduction in video memory consumption.
  • The in-game FPS is now much better and steadier, especially for lower-end/min req. pcs.
  • Far-off buildings cast shadows excluding for lowest shadow settings.
  • Already repaired trees shadow render (leaves for trees behind have been disappeared) for the higher shadow settings.
  • Already repaired the blinking transparencies.
  • There were some smaller bug fixes and code cleaning.

That’s all for the Farmer’s Dynasty update 0.998k full patch notes! This updated version is expected to fix all the common bugs and issues that players have been experiencing during the game. More Farmer’s Dynasty updates will soon be released to make the gameplay much better. Don’t forget to send your thoughts and feedback on the game to the development team!

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